Wednesdays in the Word

Wednesdays in the Word

Every Wednesday, we gather in the sanctuary for a bible study where we have the chance to dive deeper into Scriptures and grow together in God's Word. All are invited. 

6/11 The True Elder Brother
Keller writes, "More and more people today consider themselves non-religious or even anti-religious. They belive moral issues are highly complex and are suspicious of any individuals or institutions that claim moral authority over the lives of others." You and I have seen this play out to be true. This week we see that more than anything, what humans need is God's initiating love. Who we need is Jesus. Come find out how Jesus uses the parable of the lost sons to teach us how this is possible!

6/14 Redefining Hope
When reading Scripture, is important for us to view it in it's original context- why it was written, who it was written to, and who wrote it. When we read the parable of the lost son in its context, we come to understand that Jesus has given us more than a moving account of individual redemption. Come and see how Jesus, in one parable, has retold the story of the whole human race, and promised nothing less than hope for the world!

6/21 The Feast of the Father
If we believe in the gospel, rest in Jesus' work, and receive a new identity and relationship with God, the question we then ask is: what comes next? How will your life change as you live based on Jesus' message about sin, grace, and hope. Join us to find out how you and I are invited to the feast of the Father!

Leader: Pastor Lindloff Location: Hope Lutheran Church Meeting Day: Wednesday
(803) 781-8673 Room: Church Sanctuary Meeting Time: 7-8 PM