Sunday Morning Bible Hour

Sunday Morning Bible Hour
New Bible Study: Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture What does it mean to be a Lutheran Christian? Martin Luther sparked the Reformation when he nailed his protest to the door of the Castle Church in 1517. That protest had the one goal: bring the church back to the foundation of the Bible. To be a Lutheran Christian means to base our teaching and practice on the Bible alone. Our new study, Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture, presents 12 important biblical principles that are still important to us and all Bible-believing Christians today. Join us as we explore these important and enduring truths!

10/29 (Scripture) One Authority: Scripture Alone
11/5 (Scripture) Bold Witness: Confidence Draw from Scripture Alone
11/12 (Scripture) Not by Force: Power of the Word

11/19 No Class for Congregational Voters Meeting

11/26 (Scripture) My Bible: The Bible into Peoples' Hands

Leader: Pastor Lindloff Location: Hope Lutheran Church Meeting Day: Sunday
(803) 781-8673 Room: Fellowship Hall Meeting Time: 9:45am-10:45am