Sunday Morning Bible Hour

Sunday Morning Bible Hour
8/20 No Bible Study because of Congregational Voters' Meeting

New Bible Study: Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture 
What does it mean to be a Lutheran Christian? Martin Luther sparked the Reformation when he nailed his protest to the door of the Castle Church in 1517. That protest had the one goal: bring the church back to the foundation of the Bible. To be a Lutheran Christian means to base our teaching and practice on the Bible alone. Our new study, Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture, presents 12 important biblical principles that are still important to us and all Bible-believing Christians today. Join us as we explore these important and enduring truths!

8/27: (Grace) The Beginning: Baptism Martin Luther wrote in his Large Catechism, “[Baptism] is far more glorious than anything else God has commanded and ordained; in short, it is so full of comfort and grace that heaven and earth cannot comprehend it” (Large Catechism, Baptism, 39). Baptism is a sacrament that the Lutheran church holds in incredibly high regard, and yet something that others do not. Please join us between services, as we embark on our Reformation journey, starting where it all begins with Christ- at the waters of our baptism.
Leader: Pastor Lindloff Location: Hope Lutheran Church Meeting Day: Sunday
(803) 781-8673 Room: Fellowship Hall Meeting Time: 9:45am-10:45am