Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series
Current Service Series:
Keeping It Christian

Seven Gospel readings from July 16 through August 27 contain words of Jesus in which he describes what Christians are like. Of course, we Christians are not always what Jesus wants us to be since we sin every day. Jesus’ words help us to understand his goals for us and how we can strive to reach them with his power and love.

8/20 Trust in God for His Gift of Grace @ 8:30am & 11am
The Christian trusts God to provide. Today, God reveals his mighty power chiefly in showing mercy and kindness. God feeds hungry mouths and hungry souls with his gifts of grace. When we bring our problems to Jesus, he richly supplies all that we need!

8/27 Answering Doubt with Faith @ 8:30am & 11am
Full of bravado, Peter accepted Jesus’ invitation to walk on the water of the Sea of Galilee. His faith was not strong enough to overcome his doubts, however, and he began to sink. As he did for Peter, Jesus strengthens our faith and leads us to overcome our doubts with his power and promises.