Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series
Current Service Series:
The Ministry of the Gospel

In the days after Pentecost the Christian Church reached out to the world with the gospel. Already in his own ministry Jesus demonstrated what the ministry of the gospel would be like. Worship in June and July focuses on the work we do as believers.

6/11 Proclaiming the Triune God
In the Gospel for this Sunday, Jesus commissions all believers to go into the world and lead people to become members of the family of God. We carry out our task by proclaiming that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit work in magnificent unity to save all people. Our ministry—our service to God and the world—is to proclaim the work of the Holy Trinity to people everywhere. Join us at 9:30am this Sunday!

6/18 Standing on the Word of God
Our ministry of proclaiming the gospel stands on the rock-solid truth of God’s Word. Not all who are involved in this ministry take that stand, however, and Jesus urges us today to watch out for false teachers. Many will come with wise sounding words and pious promises, but will not be what they seem to be. Our only defense is to stand firmly on the Word of God.

6/25 Carried Out by Those Called by Mercy
The family of God is filled with people whom God called only because he had mercy and compassion on them. The readings today show us an exiled killer (Moses), a persecutor of Christians (Paul), and a cheating civil servant (Matthew), all of whom were called by God to proclaim the gospel. Why does God call sinful and weak people to participate in his work? Because of his mercy! Because Jesus calls us in mercy, we show mercy to others as we proclaim the Savior’s love.

7/2 Given by God's Compassion
Jesus speaks to us as he spoke to his first disciples when he sent them out to proclaim the gospel. Why does Jesus call us to proclaim the gospel to others? He is filled with compassion for people and sees them as sheep who are harassed and helpless. By faithfully hearing God’s Word we gain his heart of mercy as we witness to Christ in our world.