Weekly Announcement Sheet

Weekly Announcement Sheet
Current Service Series: The Ministry of the Gospel
In the days after Pentecost the Christian Church reached out to the world with the gospel. Already in his own ministry Jesus demonstrated what the ministry of the gospel would be like. Worship in June and July focuses on the work we do as believers.

At 10:30 each Sunday during the Summer we will be offering "Family Hour", which will be held in the fellowship hall. This will include great fellowship for the whole family, "large snacks", and a short family Bible study, including coloring for the kids. The study series for the summer is: Heroes of Faith



Currently this Mid-week bible class opportunity  is discovering one of the most powerful yet most misunderstood parables of the Bible- The Parable of the Prodigal Son. This 6-week study will help us uncover the essential message of the parable: that the gospel is neither religion nor irreligion, neither morality nor immorality, but something else entirely.

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