Weekly Announcement Sheet

Weekly Announcement Sheet
Current Service Series: Keeping it Christian -  Wheat Among the Weeds
Jesus warns us that Satan plants weeds (false teachers) wherever the Spirit grows wheat (believers). Christians need to understand this truth lest they are misled by the power and success of false teachers. There is a promise in this Gospel: False teachers will be judged by God, and believers will live safely forever in heaven.

At 10:30 each Sunday during the Summer we will be offering "Family Hour", which will be held in the fellowship hall. This will include great fellowship for the whole family, "large snacks", and a short family Bible study, including coloring for the kids. The study series for the summer is: Heroes of Faith

Currently this Mid-week bible class opportunity  is studying the book of Colossians. Martin Luther has some profound words when speaking about the book of Colossians. He writes, "First, he (Paul) praises and wished for the Colossians, that they continue and increase in faith. He delineates what the gospel and faith are, namely, a wisdom which recognizes Christ as Lord and God, crucified for us, which has been hidden for ages but now brought into the open through the ministry." Isn't that what God wants for us as well? To see Christ as Lord, and increase in faith? Join us this Wednesday as we continue studying Paul's letter to the Colossians. All ages are welcome! .

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