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Welcome to Hope Kids!

Hope Kids is a playgroup designed to let you interact with your child and other pareents in a special way.

Come enjoy story time, crafts, snacks, and other age-appropriate activities.

Each session consists of five classes. Each class is $5. if you would like to attend all five classes, the cost is $20.

Hope Kids is for all ages up to Kindergarten and meets every other Thursday and Friday from 10:00-11:00am


2018 spring session

All classes are held from 10:00am-11:00am

Class 1: March 29, 30

Class 2: April 12, 13

Class 3: April 26, 27

Class 4: May 10, 11

Class 5: May 24, 25


There are two steps to registering for Hope Kids. The registration form is to receive information about you and your child:

Click Here for the Registration Form

The Google document is to indicate whether you will come Thursday or Friday. Please make sure to remove your child's name from the Google document if you are unable to attend a class:

Click Here to Choose Thursday/Friday

Click Here for More Information on Hope Kids

Julie Lindloff- Director   |  Phone- 803-603-4320