King Solomon once said, "There's a time for everything and a season for every activity.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) That's also true for the life of the church. Over 50 years ago, Hope Lutheran Church started as the dream of a few families - to gather a body of believers around the true Word of God and the sacraments. Today, their dream is our reality, a reality that is shared by 135 families instead of a few. When we look at how God has been faithful to us, it's impossible to not trust in his plan for our ministry!

Hope Lutheran Church has nearly 300 souls entrusted to its spiritual care with an average 165 souls of all ages being fed weekly with God's Word. Subsequently they are being sent out into our community to share the same life-giving message that they received. Our sanctuary holds 150 of those souls, and even with two worship services, we exceed a comfortable worship capacity. Searching for a parking space has also become a common occurrence. By the grace of God, we have every reason to believe that God will continue to bless our ministry with many more souls. 

Recognizing God’s continual blessings on our ministry, our vision is to transform our current campus, a vision which has already begun with recent lobby and hallway renovations. This vision will include adding parking, expanding our ministry/worship facility, and more, all to better serve the souls which God is entrusting to us. 

While we don't know every detail of what this will all look like at the present, we are confident in the Lord that the time is now to make a bigger IMPACT. To make this happen we need your help. Our goal is to raise $200,000 by June 1st, 2020, which will likely be the necessary down payment we need to transform our campus. Once we reach this goal, we can move forward immediately, without a delay caused by securing funding. 

This is the season of life to expand Hope Lutheran Church, expand parking, and IMPACT our community for generations to come. We pray you'll consider partnering with us to establish even deeper roots in our community under one Christ, which most importantly will have an impact for all eternity! For more information please visit

In Christ's Love,

Pastor Joe Lindloff   |  Cell  803.603.9714  |


Lump Sum Gift: A one-time lump sum gift such as a tax refund, house sale, or simply a cash offering. 

Cash Flow Gifts: A person or family can contribute large fits by giving smaller amounts at higher frequencies, such as weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. 

Redirected Funds Gifts: Freeing up funds which currently go to other areas allows a person to increase giving to God’s work. Redirecting funds from entertainment, dining out, dues, subscriptions, gifts, allowances, utilities, or cable are all small lifestyle adjustments which will impact one’s giving. 

Income Producing Assets: Interest income, payments from rental properties, certificates of deposit, stock dividends, or bond coupon payments provide a source for increased giving.

Appreciated Securities: By making a gift of appreciated securities (stocks or mutual fund) you can receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value and avoid capital gains tax liability.

IRA Distributions: Individuals 70 ½ or older may choose to give directly from their IRAs rather than having to take a distribution that may trigger a tax liability. Currently, the rules allow you to save on taxes by directing your distribution to a names charity.  


Where can I find out more? Check out our “Impact” capital campaign on our Mightycause page: If you have specific questions, simply reach out to Pastor Joe @ or text/call 803.603.9714.

What if we don’t reach our $200,000 goal? If we don’t reach our goal on this initial 7-month campaign, we will keep working, saving, and donating until we get there. However, with prayer and your help, we’re confident we’ll make it. 

What if I don’t have a lump sum to give now but will in the future? You’re not alone. In fact, not many do have lump sums sitting around. Give what your heart is moved to give now and give at a later date as well. Additionally, you can post date a check and give during two calendar years, 2019 & 2020, to maximize your tax benefit. 

Is this campaign only for church members? No way! This is a huge project for our church, so we appreciate and help from friends, family, or anyone you know who has a heart for our mission-minded church.

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