"My wife and I are often asked why we drive from Lugoff to Irmo, a 45-mile trip one way, to attend Hope Lutheran Church.  We are delighted to tell people it is because we know we are going to hear the Word or God, law and gospel, taught clearly and without apology.  Further we also know we will enjoy the fellowship of fellow Bible-believing Christians who are motivated by the love of Christ and who reflect that love to others.It is not at all a cliché for us to say we are drawn to Hope too because it is our beloved church family, enveloping us with the warmth that only a Christ-oriented family can provide.  And that is more than enough to warrant the trip. We encourage you to come and see for yourself."

- Roland & June Besel


“When I stumbled into Hope Lutheran Church all the way back in 2003, I walked in with an open mind, but I was very confused and skeptical about religion. Through worship, Bible study, meeting, talking to and befriending members, and progressing through the Hope Starting Point Classes, I have gained so much that it is difficult to put into words...  I have so much gratitude for what God has done for me and my family, I have so much peace that I know my savior, I have so much comfort knowing that every Sunday I am going to hear the pure word of God preached to me, I have the confidence that I am in the right place to raise my children to have a strong faith of their own, I have the enjoyment of knowing that my fellow members share the same beliefs that I do, and I have the appreciation of knowing that for as long as I live in the Midlands, I will never have to go “church shopping” again! Praise God for Hope, our pastor and all of my fellow members!”

- Patrick Strubbe


"Hope Lutheran Church has been a wonderful blessing for our family. It is filled with warmth, fellowship, and Christian love and encouragement. Here we receive the Word of God in so many different forms, from the bible readings to the sermon, from Sunday School to daily devotions and bible studies. Every week we know that we are going to grow in faith. A clear example for us of growing faith is evident in our son. He was baptized here and his love for God has continued to grow. From his excitement in Sunday School, his desire to learn God’s Word, and his eagerness to sing on Sundays, it is clear to us that God is at work here."

-Andrew and Rachel Pedde


"Hope Lutheran Church gives me the foundation and structure to allow me to grow in God’s word. “Faith Comes from hearing the message and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” - Romans 10:17.  I was brought up in the faith and along the way became very lost.  I had been searching a long time to find love and I had to be reminded that love is a free gift from my Heavenly Father and His love will sustain me if I am open to it.  I find comfort knowing that Hope will continue to bless me and my family for generations to come with true teachings from the bible.  I am so proud to be a part of the Hope family and am grateful for their constant love for my family even when we are not the “perfect” Christian family. Home is where your heart is and Hope is my home."

-Mikki Lindler


"I have been a member of Hope Lutheran Church since 1985. Through that entire time, even as pastors have come and gone, the message has been the same. I continue to be refreshed in my faith by the consistent teaching that I am saved entirely by God’s grace through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Hope Lutheran also shows me how to thank God for saving me by preparing me for works of service, both in and out of the Church. I get to participate in those works of service with the support and fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ."

-Daniel Olson